Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts

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Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
5/11 at 17:00pm New Exhbitions Opening!
Date:2012.5.11 @5PM
Place: 4F main entrance
One Piece Room Drifting Towards An End-Tsong Pu Solo Exhibition
2012/5/4~7/1 @Room 401,501
Tsong’s installation work, I Take One Only, he randomly prints geographic terms that relate to water (e.g. creek, river, lake, and ocean) onto spoons that are each suspended by a long, thin string.  The string is akin to a person’s blood vessels.  Even though they flow to different body parts, they carry blood that is all part of a single reservoir.  He uses the element of “water” to create his art, much like how ink painting is inextricably associated with water.  If one symbolically takes scoops of water from these rivers, lakes, and oceans, one will have water that comes from different sources.  Although each body of water is named differently, their basic elemental composition of water remain the same.
Creators of Dialogue
2012/5/4~7/1 @Room 402
Through the use of various art forms and communication methods as well as a different approach to the meaning of a dialogue, the exhibition, Creators of Dialogue, tries to foster awareness and compassion for the aforementioned issues.  This exhibition initiated by the school must address the following:  It must first develop a autologous experiment and present the diversity of new media art, which includes virtual, interactive, graphic, mechanical, image, audio, and animation works.
New York Travel Program
2012/5/11~7/8 @Room 301,201
New York Travel Program is a group exhibition presenting work of the seven young artists Li Meng-chieh, Li Cheng-liang, Yu Chengta, Luo Jr-shin, Liao Zenping, Chen Liang-hsuan, and Yeh Chen-Yu. The exhibition is named for a privately funded residency program established by Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA) alumni who currently reside in New York. Starting in 2007, the program has provided opportunities for selected students enrolled at TNUA to travel to New York City for one month.
Production of Senses:When Knowledge Becomes Attitude
2012/5/11~7/8 @1F
Curator: Hongjohn Lin
Participant Artists: (*alphabetically)
Chang Cheng-Jen,Chang Chia-Yu, Chang Nai-Wen, Chang Tzu-Lung, Chao Yu-Shiu, Chen Kai-Huang, Chen Shiau-Peng, Chen Shu-Ming, Chen Wen-Chi, Chen Wen-Hsiang, Chu Bai-Jing, Chu Teh-I , Hsu Hsun-Wei, Huang Chien-Hung, Juan I-Jong, Kuo Hung-Kun, Kuo Wei-Kuo, Ku Ho-Chung, Lai Chi-Man, Lai Chiu-Chen, Li Hsiao-Kun, Li Kuan-Yu, Li Yi-Hong, Lin Chang-Hu, Lin Hsing-Yueh, Liu Hsi-Chuan, Mei Dean-E, Pan Hsin-Hua, Pan Ping-Yu, Tsai Ken, Tung Chen Ping, Yang Kai-Ling, Yao Jui-Chung, Ye Chu-Sheng, Wang Chih-Wen, Wu Mali