Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts

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Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
7/11(Fri)Marta Roberti Solo Exhibition
Becoming Abject – SCARABOCCHIO

Hand Drawing Video Animation

200 Drawings, Oil Pastel, Video installation, 2014


Date: 2014/7/11(Fri) ~ 7/27(Sun)

Venue: 1 1/2 Gallery, KdMoFA, TNUA


This hand drawing video animation is inspired by Kafka metamorphosis of a human into an abject insect.

" What if consciousness were an inferior mode of relating to one's own environment and to others? what if  consciousness were no cognitively or morally different from the pathetic howling of wolfs in the moon light?

What if consciousness were ultimately incapable of finding a remedy to its obscure disease, this life this zoe, an impersonal force that moves me without asking for my permission to do so?" Rosi Braidotti

The life in me, my 'beast inside' independent of my will, it is intrinsic to my being and yet so much me. It is experienced as in-human , obscene, but only because it is too human. This piece of flesh called my body, expresses the abject/divine potency of a Life which consciousness lives in fear of.

I 'm in love with this obscene life in me.