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up coming exhibition《Discordant Harmony》

“Discordant Harmony” is a contemplation and creation of experience. It is a collaborative project between arts production and knowledge production initiated by the German Goethe Institute, with the establishment of a new cultural platform as a core concept. The project experiments with ways in which institutions, curators, and artists from four different regions collaborate on, delve into, and discuss the various phenomena and issues that confront Asia today. The relocation of exhibition sites presents different perspectives and issues under different historical and social conditions to participants, as well as highlight shared common ground. As such, we re-approach the “Asia” issue through artistic practice and exhibition production. From political, economic and linguistic perspectives, global initiatives and problems of human society that occur in Asia are in fact global issues rather than region-specific. A renewed artistic imagination and a powerful artistic message are present in the artists’ interpretations and responses that originate from their individual lives, historical reflections, and social situations. This provides an important reference for us as we confront contemporary issues of diversification and global crises, as well as an imaginative space of energy and possibility.

Over the last three decades, postcolonial theory has developed as a result of confronting colonialism and domination. This has also spawned different approaches to comparative literature, political and economic analysis, cultural studies, history and sociological research, which have formed concepts such as the third space, hybridity, subaltern studies and alternative modernities. But obviously, in any text, case study or image that we refer to, we find that their subjects have mainly, through all kinds of detailed interpretation, been rendered as naturalized images of domination, disaster and confrontation, and thus incorporated into a world-image where all individual situations and efforts are dissolved into a sweeping representation. This world-image permeated most academic symposia and international exhibitions in the last decade of the twentieth century.

It should be evident that we must leave this indulgence behind, since field study, and its recording and display mechanisms, are not enough. Artist exhibitions are by no means limited to texts, images or videos, but also present the core concerns of development and creative methods. Chen Kuan-Hsing has proposed “Asia as Method”, which does not read as some new Asian identity (that is, based on the words alone) but rather as a process for removing concerns about identity in either Europe or China. It suggests empirical observation and new methods of exploration, emphasizing ways of seeking a new problem awareness based on different experiences in a common context. By contrast, Chen Chieh-Jen's “sensual field study” of Asia indicates vigilance, because Chen thinks the reality of international constructs is closer to Taiwan than to its neighbouring regions. Asia as a new issue arises from the relationship between competition and colonialism among countries, including the world division of labour system, seized and accumulated global capital, and today's global competition for cultural capital.  Chen therefore is more concerned with how these international constructs produce functions of historicity and how new international compositions in the post-war years brought to bear a dual link of exploitation and learning while connecting and dominating regions. Both Chen Kuan-Hsing and Chen Chieh-Jen are concerned with how experience can produce and develop methodologies, which is to say “Asia” is a major proposition that confronts the world today, and it is a point of origin from which we begin our creative critique. 

Curated by Chien-Hung Huang, Yukie Kamiya, Sunjung Kim, Carol Yinghua Lu

Artists: Chang Wen-Hsuan, Chen Chieh-Jen, Chiba Masaya, Ham Yang Ah, Hao Jingban, siren eun young jung, Kim Sora, Koo Jeong A, Kwon ByungJun, Lee Kit, Leung Chi Wo, Liu Ding, Pak Sheung Chuen, Takamine Tadasu, Tanaka Koki, Teng Chao-Ming, Wu Tsang, Yang Jun, Yoneda Tomoko






offical websitet: http://www.goethe.de/harmony

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