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Call for Actors from Australia artits KBT 《You say Phonetic, I say Fanatic》
 KdMoFA resident artist KBT (Kieran Boland and Brie Trenerry), from RMIT University, Australia is currently looking for actors for an experimental video project that will premiere at the museum in October, 2019 called 《You say Phonetic, I say Fanatic》.

The inspiration for this project is a Taiwanese friend who insists she learned to speak English purely through watching only three films over and over again. Trainspotting (1995) Fight Club (1999) and The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975). These films share a reactionary, countercultural stance and disenfranchisement with the status quo. In response, we are reinterpreting scenes from three Taiwanese films in an effort to increase our own “cultural fluency.” The project will be a play between documentary and fictional modes. Everyone will be given the opportunity to speak within the film and you may speak in Mandarin or English. We would need no more than two hours of your time for the filming.

As a Thank you for your valuable time, we will send you a video of your performance that you could use for your show reel and an artwork made by us. We will also provide food and drinks during the filming. The project will be produced on campus in our KdMoFA studio (1 1/2 space) or in close proximity to it. We will be filming from the first week in October so please contact ASAP. We hope to hear from you soon.


KBT Email: videokbt@gmail.com


Some examples of KBT previous video work

Satellite for the Blind (2016)


The Wrong Resources (2016)


Total Field (2015)

Death Scene Coach (2013)

Trailer for Run it by me First (2011)