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莉葉 麗芙妮
Liat Livni
Liat Livni (b. 1979) is an emerging Israeli Artist. She has an MFA and BFA in Fine Art from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem and has been an ‘artist in residence’ in Japan (Mino) and New York (Omi). She exhibits on a regular basis both in Israel and abroad. Most recently, her work was included in the collection of the Israel Museum. During her residency at the Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei, one of her works will be exhibited at the Taitung Art Museum, as part of the“Austronesian International Arts Award 2012”.
Livni is engaged in a constant search for making new, unique artworks that will reflect her own handwriting. Fascinated by the ability to "make art without using paint, by using natural colors”, she works with various techniques and different materials like wood veneers, paper and sand in a process of ‘layering’ to achieve her desired effect. Using a simple utility knife as her main work tool, she bestows her pieces with a formative wholeness through meticulous cutting and interplay between two-dimensionality and three-dimensionality. Most of Livni’s work involves common and found objects such as paper cups and plates, exploring the possibilities they embody. The images she produces deal with the question of place and culture. They blur the boundaries between artificial and natural and between manmade and what is created by nature.
In her last exhibition in Jerusalem Livni addressed the theme "Exposed Space" in expressions of "organic urbanism" and "archaeological layers". In her main installation she displayed units of material, evocative of blood cells transformed into "geological cells of construction materials" that express freshness, growth and construction. Her works relate to the origin of the material and create a comparison of building materials as a parallel to the human organism.
Artist Talk: 2012.09.19 (Wed.),13:30
Workshop: 2012.10.17 (Wed.),13:30
Exhibition Date: 2012.10.24~10.31