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Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
Artists In Residency Program
Aiko Yuno

When I was born, the world has moved toward a society of mass production and mass consumption. The pleasure that material consumption brings is accelerating. After the population of the internet, the invisible and intimate daily life has been updated every day through the SNS; just as knowing the preferences of people who have never met before, this kind of intimacy and distance are incredibly going to be true.

Things that doesn’t matter are mixed with the world's disturbance. Compared to distinguishing truth from false, people are more interested in optimistically scrolling down to the next information. In such an era, even happiness can't last, things gradually become a momentary phantom, fleeting. We are so often in an unsatisfied state that we forget to look back, and the time feels even faster.

In such world, I ask myself "What is happiness" through my work.

I utilize toys that related to my childhood and objects around me to improvise and collage three-dimensional works, or use sequins and resin to make drawings, which recreate the small events in life. Toward the uncertain utopia in life, I disintegrated the relationship between self and others, further constructed, and make happy works.

Residency period: 2018.08.01-08.24

Artist Talk: 2018.08.15 (Wed), 13:30 (3F Multimedia Room)

Workshop: 2018.08.15 (Wed), 14:30 (3F Multimedia Room)

Open Studio: 2018.08.22(Wed), 14:00 (1 1/2 Studio)