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Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
Artists In Residency Program
德魯 帕蒂弗
Drew Pettifer

Drew Pettifer is an artist and academic who currently lectures in Art History and Theory and the Honours Program at RMIT University, Melbourne. Drew’s art practice explores themes of intimacy, gender, sexuality and the politics of desire using photography, video, installation and performance. His current research focuses on contemporary representations of masculinity, an interrogation of the queer gaze and a revisioning of LGBTQ+ history. Drew also currently hosts the Australian contemporary art podcast FIELD WORK and works from time to time as an independent curator and writer. Drew's residency project at KDMoFA aims to reveal some of the hidden histories around the ongoing marriage equality and LGBTQ+ rights debates in Taiwan through archival research, collaborations and interviews.

Residency period: 2018.09.13-11.02

Artist Talk: 2018.10.03 (Wed), 13:30 (3F Multimedia Room)

Workshop: 2018.10.17 (Wed), 13:30 (3F Multimedia Room)