Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts

  • 加入最愛
Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
Artists In Residency Program
 INOUE Ayako

Born 1985 in Fukuoka City,Japan.Lives and works in Fukuoka City,Japan.

graduated from Arts and Crafts course at the Faculty of Culture and Education Saga Univercity in 2007.

The scenery keeps changing and so is easily forgotten.

The world is constantly reorganized before noticing and gradually becoming something different than it has been.

Even the place we stand becomes unclear.

Our routine life would get lost suddenly, thus we get confused about ourselves at times.

Can we grasp a moment out of the flowing world, at least for a while?

We ought to look things closely,  not to miss even the smallest movements of the world.

We ought to listen carefully, not to miss even the smallest sound of what is changing.

Because I believe that everything we can see is real.


Residency Period 2014.09.27〜11.08 

Artist Talk2014.10.22 (Wed.)13:30 (Multimedia Room)  

Workshop2014.10.24(Wed.) 13:30 (Multimedia Room)  

Exhibition Date2014.10.2811.09 (1 1/2F Gallery