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Cho Tae-Gwang
Cho Tae-Gwang


Cho Tae-Gwang creates utopian landscape paintings filled with warm colors and light. Using bird’s eye views from Google Earth, he usually paints natural features such as green, well-regulated land, birds, and floating clouds.

He makes nostalgic paintings that embody the ultimate utopian world, with no humans to control nature. He responds sensitively to the disasters and catastrophes that destroy nature. His use of Google Earth goes beyond simply copying or recording the results of the program, instead his works explore beyond the limits of the program. While Google Earth doesn’t have detailed records of the destruction wrought upon our planet, Cho’s work alerts us at a gut level to the abuse of nature under the stewardship of human beings. Cho also creates landscape paintings which do not draw from Google Earth in pursuit of an authentic utopia of landscapes away from the deceptive utopia of surveillance and control.


Residency Period 2014.07.1109.04 

Artist Talk2014.07.30 (Wed.)13:30 (Multimedia Room)  

Open Studio2014.08.23 (Sat.) (Artist Studio)

Workshop2014.08.28 10:00 (Thr.) (Mackay Memorial Hospital Tamshui Branch)

Exhibition Date2014.08.2909.12 (1 1/2F Gallery