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Artists In Residency Program

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 mamoru transcribes the soundscape of the specific locations into texts through listening and extensive research on the history and/or geography; the presented soundscape can be of the past, present, future, and imaginary. The latest project a long listening journey of a Possible thiStory especially of Japanese & Dutch & something more grafts the 17th century Dutch made imaginary Japanese history on the actual present of the 21st century Japan and creates a possible history. It consists of lecture performances and video works.


Other recent series of works named THE WAY I HEAR are often presented with texts in various forms: narrated voice, written text, projected text, text film. Other projects such as Etude for Everyday Life or Wind Studies that features subtle sound and ephemeral phenomenon found in everyday life such as boiling water or ice melting, are also shown in Japan and internationally.



Residency period: 2017.12.01-2018.01.28

Artist talk: 2017.12.04 (Mon), 19:30, (ET@T)

Open studio: 2017.12.29 (Fri), 15:00-17:00 (1 1/2 F Gallery)

Exhibition: 2017.12.29-2018.01.14 (1 1/2 F Gallery)