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Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
Artists In Residency Program
Jaeyong Chun
Jaeyong Chun



I was Born in 1977 in Seoul, Korea and majored in fine art at School of Visual Arts in New York.

My approach to art is a representation and an exploration of life, and to transform and rearrange ordinary objects and materials to express various genres such as painting, installation, photography, video and performance. I did 3 solo exhibitions: “Pictures for Genius” (2007), “Guilt to witness” (2015), “Do You Like Coffee? “ (2017), and many group shows. For me, art is neither a physical object nor a concept but an entity that is difficult to say. But art exists when you only want to see.


Residency Period: 2017.06.01-09.01

Artist Talk: 2017.06.07 (Wed), 13:30 (Multimedia Room) 

Workshop: 2017.07.05 (Wed), 13:30 (Multimedia Room) 

Open Studio: 2017.07.05 (Wed), 13:30 (Artist Studio)