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Elena Blanch González


Elena Blanch González was born in Barcelona in 1960, currently lives in Madrid. She completed her master degree in Internet and its Applications in Teaching, and received her PhD in Fine Arts and Sculpture from Complutense University of Madrid (CUM). Blanch was Director of the Department of Sculpture and is currently Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts, CUM. She is professor of drawing, sculpture and artistic techniques since 1985. She concentrates her teaching career with the study of new materials and the use of new technologies in the practice and teaching of art. She is also a member of an investigation group named “Art, Science and Nature”, formed by professors from different disciplines that study the connections between science and the humanities through different artistic languages, and whose aim is to improve the knowledge of both.

Blanch has published diverse books about schulture: Fundamental Concepts of the Language of Sculpture, Procedures and Materials in the Sculpture Work, amongst others; and the relations between art and different disciplines: Coming Closer to Myths through Urban Iconography: from Cibeles to El Retiro, Drawing in the Air, Une approche du sculpteur Baltasar Lobo and The Mythologisation of the Homeland in Numismatic Europe since the Creation of the Euro. She has also completed numerous textbooks, such as Introduction of Sculpture: Informatized Evaluation of the Subject and Medals: Informatised Evaluation of the Subject. Combining her teaching and management career with the creation of artistic works, she also obtained various prizes and has participated in numerous exhibitions, both individual and collective.