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布萊恩 潼恩 查克利
Brian Dawn Chalkley

Brian Dawn Chalkley

 United Kingdom


Brian Dawn Chalkley is a London based artist whose work is an ongoing discussion of gender, sexuality and identity.  His work is based around two characters, Brian and his transvestite personality, Dawn.

The practice manifests itself through painting, photography, installation, performance and video work. The construction of narrative and story telling are central to the work.

Brian and Dawn concoct a panoply of mystery making and substitution provoking a rupture in our certainties by coupling and uncoupling the palpable. The stage is set for a spectacle where visible forms are merely signs of the invisible idea.


Residency period: 2017.08.02-08.22

Artist talk: 2017.08.09 (Wed), 13:30 (3F Multimedia Room)

Exhibition Date: 2017.08.09-08.22 (1 1/2 F Gallery)