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Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
Artists In Residency Program
Mayumi Hosokura
Mayumi Hosokura was born in 1979, Kyoto. Graduated from Institute of Photography, Nihon University College of Art in 2005 following her study at Institute of Modern Art, Faculty of Literature, Ritsumeikan University in 2002. As a freelance photographer, Hosokura lives and works in Tokyo, Japan. She has exhibited in many exhibitions including her solo exhibition at G/P gallery in 2011-2012.
In 2012, she has published a photo book entitled KAZAN. The intention of this series is to show the subjects of photographs such as naked body, crystals and other elements of nature. Then isolate them from any reference to someone's identity or the site, time and issue specific to the social condition of Japan today.
Her attempt to isolate her work from other elements is successful. It has also evolved to capture the expression that specific to the site, culture and the national characteristics beyond one's personality. For the artist, KAZAN was a project to distill each image of these elements that belong to Japan until the very limit. She would like to explore the same challenge to Taiwan as a subject: to isolate each image from her expectation and to document the elements that remains as distillates.
Residency Period: 2012.08.01~08.31
Artist Talk: 2012.08.08 (Wed.),13:30
Workshop: 2012.08.24 (Fri.),13:30
Exhibition Date: 2012.08.24~08.31