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Artists In Residency Program
André Scherb
 André Scherb was born in 1955, Bourg-en-Bresse, in the surroundings of Lyon south-east of France. Graduate from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts of Paris in 1983, confirmed “agrégé “ in Visuals Arts  at the 1986 Agrégation competitive exam for teaching, Doctor in Esthetics, Sciences and Technologies of Arts at Paris  VIII  University in 2009.

 André Scherb is now a lecturer in visual arts and didactics of arts in Bretagne Occidental University in Rennes, France. He has taken part in many exhibitions, in France and abroad.  He published in November 2012 a book steming from his thesis, entitled: The fable and the protocol: process of creation in painting.

 The work of André Scherb is a free abstract. Beyond the formalism, he is looking for the fable at the source of the images which usually take a non-verbal form. He is interested by the emergence of the images in our consciousness, with alternatively presence and disappearance. He finds a strong analogy between the process of memory and the process of painting. His paintings and drawings are stratified, creating the depth of the pictorial space. He weaves different images, personal and cultural, control and random, all of them in continuous transformation. He would like to explore this process in Taïwan, catching both the contemporary movements and the traditional culture.

 websit : www.andre-scherb.com


  Residency Period2012.10.3011.07

  Artist Talk2012.10.31 (Wed.)1330 Multi Media Room, 3F

  Exhibition Date2012.11.0111.07Mezzanine Level, 2F