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Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
Artists In Residency Program
Ignasi Cunill
Ignasi Cunill was born in Barcelona in 1976. His work has been exhibited internationally. He has also been honoured by several worldwide photographic awards, as well as being featured in the British Journal of Photography. Ignasi Cunill is a photographic artist interested in the relationship between what we see, name and believe to know. His constructed images present disconcerting views of the world around us, suggesting the rupture of common expectations on everyday experience.
In his new series Homo Sapiens, Cunill will focus on culture and its by-products as both makers and destroyers of the human being. From what we eat to what we wear, think and feel, cultural intrusions bombard humans unstoppably. From cultural fads entering our minds to chemical compounds entering our bodies, the affect of cultural intrusions is not only psychological but also biological. Here is how Cunill metaphorically links the human to a cultural monster, deformed by an overdose of impositions that have affected even its genetic integrity. Within this context, Cunill invites viewers to rethink what could be seen, named and know as human, at both cultural and biological level.