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Artist in Wonderland 2012 KUANDU BIENNALE
10 Solo Shows by 10 Asian Artists
BOO Ji-Hyun
Pip & Pop (Tanya Schultz)
Michael LEE
Tiffany CHUNG
LIU Jian-Hua
Agi, CHEN Yi- Chieh
TSUI  Kuang-Yu
BOO Ji-Hyun
 BOO Ji-Hyun was brought up in Jeju, a southernmost island of Korea. The beautiful scenery of her hometown island Jeju, and particularly, its mysterious marine landscape at night underpins “the beginning of her memory.” Since she started working as an artist, she naturally adopted the fishing lamp that brightening the ocean at night as a motif for her artworks. Boo has steadily expanded the styles of her work from painting (etching, aquatint) through three-dimensional work to spatial installations. She has tried to freely cross the borders of genres and forms by accepting the materials not only the fishing lamps but also those related directly to the ocean as boats, sands, salt and water and even such immaterial ones as light, wind and sound. She wishes that the dumped fishing lamps would be revived into some live objects by shine lights on it and that such objects reborn would act as new light. This light will guide contemporary human beings to a world of unconstrained imagination or dream. She also wishes that the fishing lamps would not only deliver the calm breathing of the nature but also shine the life of human beings, civilization and the universe. Weaving of “a net of being” for her and the world with the fishing lamps, this is an aspiration of her work.