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No One River Flows
WANG Fujui
Olaf Hochherz
Chihiro Minato
CHENG Ting-Ting
LIN Kuo-Wei
TING Chaong-Wen
 RohwaJeong is an artist consisting of two persons, Noh’ Yun-hee        (b. 1981 in Seoul, Korea, F) and Jeong’ Hyeon-seok (b. 1981 in Seoul, Korea, M).Our work observes and pays attention to relations changing in various times and spaces, and makes efforts to capture them effectively in their works.In particular, we try to probe into diverse relations among individuals and the individuals’ detailed conflicts arising from their roles in the relations. This is a movement to get away from the majority’s subjective and violent eyes that interpret all phenomena around in somewhat lazy and stereotyped judgment. Accordingly, it sometimes appears to be a situation or state that may induce various interpretations of a certain relation through works.

What is more, because each work adopts its medium in proportion to the weight to be conveyed, the overall formative uniformity among the works is avoided. That is, including the drawing series starting from a personal position, individual works employ different media such as installation, photograph and video that can be interpreted relatively according to subjective viewpoint so that each work may reveal its theme most effectively.

Recently we are taking interest in so-called ‘work,’ which is an activity making works, and research is being conducted on the boundary between the act of work and artists’ private life – which may not be considered directly relevant to work.In other words, it is being studied whether a specific act absolutely necessary for the birth of a work – for example, the body’s action to conquer the object to be expressed using brush or other expression work tools or the process of mental exploration for the implementation of a theme or message that the artist is to communicate – can be defined as a direct act that implements a work. Nowadays, Artist are working on various exhibitions and residencies.