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CHANG Yung-Ta + GUO Jau -Lan
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LI Gang + WANG Huang -Sheng
Money Faketory + Pichaya Aime SUPHAVANIJ
Valay SHENDE + Veeranganakumari SOLANKI
李綱 + 王璜生
LI Gang + WANG Huang -Sheng
Artist-LI Gang
LI Gang, born in Puning city of Guangdong Province, China, in 1962, now works in the Art Museum of Central Academy of Fine Arts in China.
LI Gang is one of the representative artists who employ ink-related mixed materials as mediums and succeed in transforming from traditional Chinese freehand painting to contemporary painting. He tries to build a link between contemporary ink and the current social reality, as a way to think about the inheritance of Chinese traditional culture and the cultural problems in modern time. LI focuses on mixed media creation with techniques and mediums of ink, performance, video, installation, rubbing, etc. Ruins: Re-Deconstruction of LI Gang’s Ink is a work that cost him three years to create, consisting of four parts: ‘picking’, ‘extracting’, ‘transforming’ and ‘exchanging’. It contains LI ’s intention of using ‘ruins’ as a tool to question and reinterpret our civilization.
LI Gang’s work has participated in the second “Guangzhou Triennial”, the Collateral Events of the 35th Venice Biennale, and solo exhibitions held in Guangdong Museum of Art, Shaanxi Province Art Museum, and Today Art Museum in Beijing, and other exhibitions organized by art museums and art centers of some cities in Belarus, Thailand (Bangkok), Singapore, Korea, Estonia, Austria, as well as cities around China, Hong Kong included. Art institutions like Guangdong Museum of Art, Art Museum of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and Shenzhen He Xiangning Art Museum now have registered collections of LI ’s work.
Curator-WANG Huang -Sheng
Ph.D of Art History, professor of China Central Academy of Fine Arts, doctoral adviser, director of CAFA Art Museum, deputy director of the Committee of Art Museums in China, Expert Committee member of National Contemporary Art Research Centre, Ministry of Culture. Wang is an outstanding art expert who enjoys special allowance of the State Council in China, also a specially-appointed professor in Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Nanjing Art Institute and South China Normal University.
In 2004 he obtained the ‘Knight Medal of Art and Literature’ awarded by the French government. In 2006 he obtained the ‘Knight Medal’ awarded by the President of Italy. Founded and organized the “Guangzhou Triennial”, “Guangzhou Photo Biennale”, “CAFAM Biennale”, “CAFAM · Future Exhibition” and “Beijing Photo Biennale”. Exhibitions curated include "Documentary Exhibition of Art in Mao Zedong’s Era (1942-1976) ”, “The Humanism in China: A Contemporary Record of Photography”, etc. He was the director of Guangdong Museum of Art from 2000 to 2009.
WANG Huang-Sheng had the solo exhibitions at domestic and international known art institutes, such as National Art Museum of China, Zhejiang Art Museum and Schiller Gallery, and also collected by Victoria and Albert Museum, Uffizi Gallery, National Art Museum of China and other important museums. Since 1996, WANG Huang-sheng published a series of personal catalogues, such as Boundless: WANG Huang-sheng’s Works 2009-2013.