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Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
Recognition System–2014 KUANDU BIENNALE
CHANG Yung-Ta + GUO Jau -Lan
JANG Suk -Joon + SUL Won -Gi
KAO Chung -Li + LIU Yung -Hao
KWAN Sheung Chi + Anthony YUNG
LI Gang + WANG Huang -Sheng
Money Faketory + Pichaya Aime SUPHAVANIJ
Valay SHENDE + Veeranganakumari SOLANKI
關尚智 + 翁子健
KWAN Sheung Chi + Anthony YUNG
Artist-KWAN Sheung-Chi
KWAN Sheung-Chi was born in 1980, Hong Kong. He obtained a third honor B.A. degree in Fine Art from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2003. He failed in applying the MFA programme from the CUHK in 2004 and 2007. He was also a founding member of local art groups, ‘Hong Kong Arts Discovery Channel’ (HKADC), ‘hkPARTg (Political Art Group)’ and ‘Woofer Ten’. In 2009, He had been awarded the Starr Foundation Fellowship from the Asian Cultural Council, to take part in an international residency program in New York, USA. He won the inaugural ‘HUGO BOSS ASIA ART’ in 2013. His artworks haven’t widely exhibited around the world, and he has never participated in any major exhibitions held internationally.
Curator-Anthony YUNG
Anthony YUNG is a senior researcher at Asia Art Archive, specializing in China’s related research projects. He managed AAA’s major research project ‘Materials of the Future: Documenting Contemporary Chinese Art from 1980-1990’, which produced 100 interviews with artist, critics, scholars and other participants and collected a large amount of research materials about Chinese contemporary art from late 1970s to early 1990s. YUNG is also co-founder of ‘Observation Society’, an independent art space in Guangzhou, and is the awardee of ‘The Fourth Yishu Awards for Critical Writing on Contemporary Chinese Art’ (2014).