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Recognition System–2014 KUANDU BIENNALE
CHANG Yung-Ta + GUO Jau -Lan
JANG Suk -Joon + SUL Won -Gi
KAO Chung -Li + LIU Yung -Hao
KWAN Sheung Chi + Anthony YUNG
LI Gang + WANG Huang -Sheng
Money Faketory + Pichaya Aime SUPHAVANIJ
Valay SHENDE + Veeranganakumari SOLANKI
張碩準 + 薛源基
JANG Suk -Joon + SUL Won -Gi
Artist-JANG Suk-Joon
JANG Suk-Joon (b. 1981) is Korean artist who works between a variety of media-interplaying digital interfaces and photography, site-specific installation. She graduated from Korea National University of Arts in 2005 with a degree in Fine Art and Master of fine degree in 2011. Since then, she worked with variety of media including photography, site-specific installation and interactive media. She focused on collecting the images of urban landscape under a rapid industrialization that represent vernacular culture in contemporary everyday life.
JANG has exhibited solo show “Close sky, Rainbow” (2006), Art Space Hue, Seoul, Korea; “docu_META” (2011), MK2 art space, Beijing, China. In addition, she is widely represented in many curated show “Begining of Yeol”, Insa Art Space of The Art Council Korea; “System_Pia”, Youngeun Museum in 2011; “SeMA 2008 Selected Emerging Artist” , Seoul Museum of Art. She also has participated in UNESCO-Bursary program Djerassi Visual Arts in 2009 (US); International Artist studio program Korea in 2008; the Art centre of Christchurch residency (NZ) with Asia New zealand Foundation-grant for “Bus Stop _Solo Show” in 2009.
She is currently selected curating project in Art council Korea, the Nomadic Arts Residency Program between Australia Aboriginal art centre (Deart) and Korea (DocumentA) in 2013.
Curator-SUL Won-Gi
SUL Won-Gi was born in Seoul Korea. He moved to the United States when he was 10 years old receiving his education in the US until graduation from Beloit College, Wisconsin in 1974. He returned to Korea for 4 years to serve in the Korean armed forces and then completed his MFA in painting at Pratt Institute in New York in 1981. He lived in New York City working as an artist and showing at various venues including the Drawing Center in New York City until 1993, when he took up the post of professor of painting, at Duksung Women’s University in Seoul, Korea. He changed his position to professor of painting at the National University of Arts in Seoul, Korea in 1998.
During his career, not only has he exhibited in major galleries and museums, he has also participated in activities in operating art spaces and independent curating of young artists. His art works are presented in collections in various museums in Korea and the USA, including the National Museum of Art in Korea, Soma Museum, OCI Museum, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.