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Recognition System–2014 KUANDU BIENNALE
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Money Faketory + Pichaya Aime SUPHAVANIJ
Valay SHENDE + Veeranganakumari SOLANKI
薩伊夫‧加里波第 + 葛列斯‧珊保
Artist-Syaiful Aulia GARIBALDI
Syaiful Aulia GARIBALDI (b. Jakarta, 1985), started his study in the Bandung Institute of Technology majoring agronomy in the Agricultural Faculty yet shifted and graduated from the Printmaking Department of the Arts and Design Faculty. GARIBALDI’s artistic practice evolves around the Terhah world, an imaginary world that he had made starting from creating a constructed language called the ‘Terhah language’.
GARIBALDI works with various types of living mediums from microogranisms to fungis. These living beings are acted upon as both subject matter and (artmaking) mediums. The organic disposition of his works in terms of its potential to undergo processes of development and transformation. With these materials, Tepu enforces the notion that as a material, fungi—or more importantly: new media artistic expressions—are directly related to the need for new languages.
Over the years, GARIBALDI’s works slowly reveal the pilars of Terhah world’s civilization; starting from language, astrology, epigraph, to landscapes. In his first solo show “Regnum Fungi” at Padi Art Ground, Bandung, Indonesia, GARIBALDI presented the landscapes of Terhah using microorganisms (2012). In 2014, two of his solo shows are “Interstitial Terhah” (organized by Roh Project at the Art Basel, Hongkong) and “Abiogenesis: Terhah Landscape” at the Pearl Lam Gallery, Singapore.
Curator-Grace SAMBOH
Grace SAMBOH started her interest in the arts at ruangrupa—artist-collective based in Jakarta—where she participated in the organizing of “OK Video Militia” 2007. In 2009, Indonesian Visual Art Archive commissioned her to curate the “21 Years Retrospective of Jogja Biennale” as one of the archive-based shows at the Jogja Biennale IX – “Jogja Jamming” (2009). She participated in the making of Langgeng Art Foundation (2010-2012) as the executive director/curator.
With her colleagues, she started a closed-door discussion group called ‘Hyphen’ in 2011. In general, ‘Hyphen’ seek to sew bits by bits of the fragmented Indonesian art history. Since 2012, she become a part of the artist-initiated closed-group discussion ‘Ceblang-ceblung’ and is also the program manager for the ‘Equator Symposium’ (run by the Yogyakarta Biennale Foundation).
She collaborated with Lifepatch and Hackteria in making the two-weeks makers’ gathering, field trip, symposium and exhibition “HackteriaLab 2014 – Yogyakarta”.