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Recognition System–2014 KUANDU BIENNALE
CHANG Yung-Ta + GUO Jau -Lan
JANG Suk -Joon + SUL Won -Gi
KAO Chung -Li + LIU Yung -Hao
KWAN Sheung Chi + Anthony YUNG
LI Gang + WANG Huang -Sheng
Money Faketory + Pichaya Aime SUPHAVANIJ
Valay SHENDE + Veeranganakumari SOLANKI
張永達 + 郭昭蘭
CHANG Yung-Ta + GUO Jau -Lan
Artist-CHANG Yung-Ta
CHANG Yung-Ta, born in Taiwan in 1981, is autodidact and residing in Taipei currently. His works take on a variety of forms such as Audio-Visual, experimental sound, installations and live performances. He focus and be skilled in observing the tiny change, being ignored phenomenon and sound in daily life, then represent the invisible signal and data via sound or visual installation in space. In recent years, also collaborated with dancers, musicians and artists. His works has been featured in numerous group shows and festivals throughout Asia, Europe, Australia, North and South America.
“Evolving from the coupling between perceptions and systems to the sounding and volumetric composition in the art museum, CHANG’s Relative Perception N°1[0°–N°] addresses the following question: how can we palpate the world with the ear? CHANG deliberately puts this work in a dynamic state. Instead of installing a sculpture in the art museum, the artist reorganizes the space of the museum and the viewers’ perceptions with an instrument installation. This work produces different sounds of vaporization in the exhibition room by dropping water on several heated metal plates of different angles of inclination. In other words, the proportional and material relationships between sounds and volumetric composition are highlighted through the energy conversion carried out by the artist’s installations. Through Relative Perception N°1[0°–N°], CHANG intends to break our perceptional inertia concerning the environment and highlight the interaction between somatosensory perceptions and auditory perception. This approach takes the viewers into an uncharted territory mapped with sounding and volumetric composition.” (Abstracted from GUO Jau-Lan, Traversing the Hinterland between Sounding and Volumetric Composition)
Curator-GUO Jau-Lan 
GUO Jau-Lan is an independent curator and art critic based in Taipei. She received her doctorate in Western art history in 2006, with a primary research interest in the way the American critiques constructed its anti-modernism postmodern art theory based on an interpretation of Robert Rauschenberg and the American Neo-Dada art movement. GUO taught Modern Art and Contemporary Art from 1996 to 2011 at the Department of Fine Art in Hua-Fan University, as well as at Graduate School and Department of Fine Art at the National Taiwan University of Arts. Now she as an adjunct Associate Professor for MFA Program in New Media Art, Department of New Media Art, and Graduate Institute of Trans-disciplinary Arts, Taipei National University of Arts, teaches Visual Art since 1960 and Seminar in Contemporary Art. 
Her curatorial involvement began in 2006, with a focus on the cultural praxis of image and visual culture. Her articles have been published in periodicals including The Journal of Taipei Fine Arts Museum and Artist Magazine. She has curated numerous exhibitions including “Polyphonic Mosaic: CO6 Avant-Garde Documenta” (National Taiwan Museum of Arts, Taichung, Taiwan, 2006), “Nostalgia for Future” (2009, Taichung), “Somnambulism: Phantasmagoric Fugue” (Taipei, 2010), “Paradise: Under RE-Construction” (ISCP, New York, 2011), and “Taiwanese Contemporary Art” (TCA Project) (ISCP, New York, 2011), “How Can I Tell You Who I Am?”(Spain, 2012), “Melancholy in Progress, The 3rd Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition at Hong-Gah Museum of Taipei” (Co-curate with Amy Cheng , Taipei, 2012).