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Your Skin Makes Me Cry
Helene Wittmann
Clara Winter/Lina Walde
Danny Wagner
Undine Sommer
Jasmin Preiss
Kristina Paustian
Rebecca Loyche
Xenia Lesniewski
Konstantin Kunath
Bianca Kennedy
Franziska Kabisch
Andrea Éva Györi
Philipp Gufler
Barbara Dévény
Marlene Denningmann
Maria Dabow
Mila Burghardt
Pawel Bartosik
Else Artmann/Samuel Duvoisin
Angela Anzi
Rebecca Loyche
 Rebecca Loyche

Born 1979 in New York City, USA. Studied at Hunter College and Pratt Institute, New York City, and was a master-class student of Prof. Candice Breitz at Braunschweig University of Art in 2011. Lives in Berlin and New York.

Profession – Sexual Assistant

1208, HD video, colour, sound, 2014

In Sexual Assistant, one of Europe’s leading pioneers in the field of sexuality talks about her work. Loyche’s piece addresses the controversial and complex issues surrounding the sexual needs of people who have a physical, social and/or mental disability or handicap. Although society makes efforts to accept the sexual liberation of people in general, those who are handicapped are not acknowledged as sexual beings. Although sexuality should be accepted as a basic human need, the idea of someone who is not considered ‘normal’ by conventional standards having a sexual relationship is either completely ignored or, in the worst case, is regarded as perverted.