Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts

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Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
A New Vision of Printmaking
Jeffrey Dennis
Chen Hui-Chiao
Chou Ching-Hui
Chu Teh-I
Isa M. J. Ho
Ava Hsueh
Tu Wei-Cheng
Wang Jun-Jieh
Yang Mao-Lin
Yang Ming-Dye
Yao Jui-Chung
Yuan Goang-Ming
Johanna Love
Anne Lydiat
Mar Mendoza Urgal
Joaquín Millán Rodríguez
Raquel Monje
Hermanos Pardo
Sue Ridge
Chris Wainwright
Jeffrey Dennis
The work is based around four of the artist's own photographs of Sunderland. Each image is titled after a film that came into the artist's mind as he worked, sometimes prompted by the image itself or more obliquely from the condition of reverie during the working process.