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Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
On the Verge of Fiction
Atsuko Nakamura
Chen Fei-Hao
Chen Ting-Chun
Chen I-Chun
Chou Tai-Chun
Haruko Sasakawa
Joyce Ho
Kenta Kawagoe
Li Cheng-Liang
Taku Hisamura
Teppei Yamada w/z Yuta Ogawa
Yuriko Sasaoka
Yuriko Sasaoka
I Hope You Sleep Well
video, sound, aluminum, light bulb
With her original approach to making ‘video based on painting’ Yuriko Sasaoka explores the interface between painting and video, by creating works that suggest ‘touches’ similar to brushstrokes. Her technique combines footage of faces and hands, incorporated into low-tech videos of puppet shows with stage assistants dressed in black, reminiscent of behind-the-scenes glimpses of ‘special effects.’ A soundtrack of suitably retro computer noise invites the viewer to experience complex structures and stories in a unique world that is paradoxically nostalgic, yet never seen before.