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On the Verge of Fiction
Atsuko Nakamura
Chen Fei-Hao
Chen Ting-Chun
Chen I-Chun
Chou Tai-Chun
Haruko Sasakawa
Joyce Ho
Kenta Kawagoe
Li Cheng-Liang
Taku Hisamura
Teppei Yamada w/z Yuta Ogawa
Yuriko Sasaoka
Joyce Ho

Dream About Me

Joyce Ho is an interdisciplinary artist who practices in painting, sculpture, installation and performance. In her works, she explores daily rituals, the deconstruction of movement and the fluid relationship between light and shadow. Joyce is interested in the tension between dreams and reality. Her works simultaneously envelop the audience while also confronting them, destabilizing the viewers' traditional views and modes of perception.