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On the Verge of Fiction
Atsuko Nakamura
Chen Fei-Hao
Chen Ting-Chun
Chen I-Chun
Chou Tai-Chun
Haruko Sasakawa
Joyce Ho
Kenta Kawagoe
Li Cheng-Liang
Taku Hisamura
Teppei Yamada w/z Yuta Ogawa
Yuriko Sasaoka
Chen Ting-Chun

The Border-room
oil on canvas
151x151 x 3.2cm

Chen Ting-Chun explores the narrativity of space and the relationship between reality and image. An object in a space and the way it was placed reveal the trace, memories and past of a person. Objects, by gathering in a group, form another scene. With images from reality, the artist re-creates special spaces and varied objects. Through deconstruction of pictures, appropriation of pieces, collage and association, emotions were left as marks and afterimages on the canvas. Eventually, all the existing, whether they seem totally different or closely connected, would become part of a larger whole.