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On the Verge of Fiction
Atsuko Nakamura
Chen Fei-Hao
Chen Ting-Chun
Chen I-Chun
Chou Tai-Chun
Haruko Sasakawa
Joyce Ho
Kenta Kawagoe
Li Cheng-Liang
Taku Hisamura
Teppei Yamada w/z Yuta Ogawa
Yuriko Sasaoka
Atsuko Nakamura


Allegory of Cave
salt, wire, strings, the book 'Republic' by Plato
15x20x15 cm


Building upon her former architectural study at university, Atsuko Nakamura poses questions about urbanization and the control it exerts upon nature, thus her work explores man's relationship to nature. The work makes visible the invisible energy, memory and time, from the past to future of the place. Nakamura merges ‘her creation’ and ‘Nature's creation’ using natural materials such as driftwood, salt, and water, or phenomena such as sea waves and temperature, creating interventions into architectural space. The work, which is a sensory experience, explores spiritual connections with nature and what nature ‘is’ contemporarily.