Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts

  • 加入最愛
Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
2013-03-15 ~ 2013-04-28
                                                                                                                                          Text by Hoshina Toyomi

 A video of a burning house can be seen inside the darkness through a closed glass window over there, the sun is shining through the darkness while I feel enwrapped by the crackling of fire as the sound reverberates in the room itself.

Another room has a gutter creeping down from the ceiling as well as a concrete well. Upon coming closer to look at the bottom of the well a video of an owl staring up toward here is visible.

A speaker on a glass surface fills the underground atrium space with birdsong, giving the illusion of a divine spirit sent by a yatagarasu (a three-legged crow).

If this temporary sloped structure on the ground surface of the hill is climbed to the top, a waterfall whose flow has been inverted upside down is confronted.


… From Toyomi Hoshina's recent works the pool of memory based inside one's body and mind, in order to renew and connect the world, most people from the past master and encourage space, as conventions of the soul are lost and sites of ceremony deteriorate, since long ago spiritual barriers and places of prayer with physicality of body held the capacity to see the "layout for a shift change of the world."

In Hoshina's recent works one can grasp a reorganization of his thoughts in the present, a recursion of the relational aspects between body and place, leading to the establishment of subconscious connector wires even in ordinary spaces and the interface of reality. A pilgrim appears and disappears connected to Yanagida Kunio's memoir, where he saw stars during the daytime in a small backyard garden shrine as a child or the world in "Alice's mirror world."