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Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
Memories and Beyond / 2010 Kuandu Biennale
2010-10-08 ~ 2010-12-26
Kuandu Biennale 2010
PLUS/ Memories and Beyond
The Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts is proud to present its second Biennale: PLUS/ Memoriesand Beyond. Based on the concept of ‘memories and beyond,’ 10 Asian artists from different regions in Asia have been invited to choose their own curators and to work with the museum’s team to explore the idea of what Asian art means today through their artworks, discussions amongst themselves and the establishment of an on-going interactive network.
Memory is an inner world of past and present images, involving psychological and mental reflection of events. It often inspires artists in many ways. The Biennale’s concept is meant to suggest the idea of memories and all those with remote connection as a window into the subconscious, an imaginary realm, a fantasy, a lost world, or even a surreal state.
The Biennale will also address the differences between various regions and races of Asia, as well as examine the influence of the West on Asian culture. With these works of art, the exhibition wishes to present Asian characters of memories, historical experience and body politics.
Everyone has memories. Artists interpret their memories with forms which we can all share, and through which new social possibilities are provoked and suggested. Based on the idea of artists’ memories, Kuandu Biennale 2010 will use the artists’ works as a springboard to explore issues of globalization in Asian society from the viewpoint of artists, as well as of curators and museum directors, working in different regions of Asia.