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Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
Pacific Pirate
2019-04-19 ~ 2019-06-30
“Let’s call this project ‘Pacific Pirate’ then.”
“Cool. Based on pirate from the 17th century and piracy from the 20th century, I think we could find two routes around the Pacific Ocean consisting of Taiwan and Mexico”
(Weeks later)
“Arghhh …it’s so difficult to find world maps using the Pacific Ocean as the center, not to mention the pirate study based on it…”
Writing FACTory (TW) and RRD (MX) initiated a collaborative project “Pacific Pirate” in late 2018. This project is composed by 6 programs, two of them, DBT and #PiratePirateManifesto will be presented in this exhibition. Both of us believe that only if we distribute and reproduce knowledge and information in a free way do we have the possibility to produce narration with the agency. In the age of YouTube and peer-to-peer file sharing, is limited-edition model popularized during the second half of the 20th century applicable for everyone? Taking pirate from the past as a reference to our method and piracy in the present as an analysis object, this project aims at responding this question upon proprietary.
Although the custom and tradition are very different between Taiwan and Mexico, the colonial past and the situation with a strong neighbor nearby make us similar than we imagined. Chaotic histories and realities also demand all artists to deliberate on the position and method they take under such context. To counter land-centered historical point of view and the lack of “applicable world map”, we must imagine our gathering on the basis of the ocean: if we replace Asia and America with the Pacific Ocean and take the ocean as the territory, Taiwan and Mexico will become two basements on the same surface. Under the condition of an alternative mapping, finally can we people of resemblance share and exchange the means of production we need.