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Looking Back :Lee yi-Hong's Calligraphy&Painting Exhibition
2007-11-10 ~ 2008-01-27
 Lee Yi-Hong's Calligraphy & Painting Exhibition

As a major celebratory activity for the 25th anniversary of Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA), Kuandu Arts Festival aims firstly to demonstrate the abounding creative energy of our students, and secondly to acknowledge the accomplishments and contribution of our teaching staff. Following the success of Dare to Art -The Genealogy of TNUA Fine Arts College, I am delighted to present to you Looking Back: Lee Yi-Hong's Calligraphy & Painting Exhibition, which is the second program of Kuandu Arts Festival. This exhibition celebrates the phenomenal achievement of Professor Lee Yi-Hong in the field of calligraphy and Chinese ink painting. Equally importantly, it represents inheritance of knowledge and experience from teacher to student. On behalf of TNUA, I welcome you to join us in our celebration of this special occasion, and in our profound appreciation of the splendid visual feast.

Art often reflects, in a significant way, the experience and personality of the artist. Looking Back exhibits Professor Lee's works of calligraphy and ink painting which he created between the years of 1987 and 2007. From this exhibition, we can sense the transition in Professor Lee's painting styles during these two decades. As a youngster, Professor Lee studied calligraphy under Master Chiang Chao-Shen, inheriting from Master Chiang not only the sophisticated techniques, but also the wealth of literati thinking. Professor Lee's meticulous attention to, and broad knowledge of the properties of paper further allows him to incorporate the material-related effects in the creative work. His passion for Nature also prompts him to travel around the world.  Throughout his journeys, Professor Lee creates awe-inspiring works of photography and ink painting that demonstrate his acute observation and ability to convert experiences into visual images. Through the artist's lenses and painting brushes, the audience can grasp a glimpse of the way Profesor Lee perceives and relates himself to the external space. The series of calligraphy works which feature geographical names of Taiwanese resorts are great examples of Professor Lee's creativity and innovativeness as he interweaves painting with calligraphy, creating magnificent works abounding in artistic grace and aesthetic intensity.

Professor Lee has taught in TNUA's Department of Fine Arts for over twenty years until his retirement early this year. During his distinguished career, he has produced numerous artists as well as art works. While calligraphy and ink painting have been traditionally considered as Eastern art forms, Professor Lee's works often extend beyond the old boundaries, as he never ceases to pursue innovation in all areas relating to his practice, including techniques, painting surfaces, and the spirit of artwork. As an artist and teacher, Professor Lee is a great role model to students with a magnanimous manner and lifelong dedication to his craft. We are hopeful that this exhibition will provide the public with a great opportunity to embrace the brilliance of Professor Lee's works. More importantly, we hope that the Master's artistic integrity and refined manner will inspire our students to pursuit artistic excellence and innovation in our time that is defined by constant demand for change and novelty.

Ju Tzong-Ching
President, Taipei National University of the Arts