Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts

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Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
Dare to Art-The Genealogy of TNUA Fine Art College
2007-09-19 ~ 2007-10-28

Date: September 19—October 28, 2007

Venue:Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts 1F~4F 

Opening: October 14 3:30PM


Dare to Art - The Genealogy of TNUA Fine Arts College is specially organized to mark the 25th Anniversary of Taipei National University of the Arts.  Eminent alumni from 15 undergraduate classes and 4 postgraduate classes are invited to partake in this exhibition, which epitomizes the crème de la crème status of TNUA in Taiwan's art education.  This exhibition is a gathering of great significance, as it signifies the convergence of a genealogical tree, and serves as a retrospection on the accumulation of experience and accomplishments which have, throughout the years, grown on the soil of TNUA College of Fine Arts.  Outstanding achievements of our alumni in arts and other related fields also attest to the exceptional  innovation and experimentality which characterize the teaching of TNUA's College of Fine Arts.  Rich in diversity and amplitude, Dare to Art manifests differences among generations of artists in a number of respects, and in so doing presents itself as a cross-generations, multi-disciplines, and cross-media artistic feast. 

TNUA is arguably Taiwan's leading higher education institution specialized in arts.  Its College of Fine Arts consists of Department of Fine Arts, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Graduate School of Plastic Arts, Graduate Program in Art History, Refresher Program of Graduate School of Fine Arts, and last but not least, Graduate School of Art and Technology.  With an emphasis on diversity of art forms and media as well as rigorous training in conception and theorization, the objective of TNUA Fine Art College is to groom a healthy host of visual arts specialists.  Extraordinary achievements of our alumni, as demonstrated in all kinds of performances and exhibitions both nationally and internationally, can be seen as fulfillment of this lofty aim.  This, undoubtedly, has rendered Kuandu, where TNUA is located, a prominent site of art in the North of Taiwan.  Sitting on the hill with vast expanses of green space, the campus of TNUA unquestionably serves as an ideal breeding ground for contemporary arts of Taiwan.

Dare to Art presents artworks from a wide range of genres, forms and media, including painting, Chinese ink painting, engraving, sculpture, ceramics, spatial installation, video arts, live arts, conceptual arts, and so forth.  Participants include renowned contemporary artists as well as specialists in various art-related fields, such as art educationists, public art practitioners, agitators of contemporary popular cultures, animationists and filmmakers.  We hope that this joint exhibition, organized by and held at Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, will provide a great opportunity not only for our alumni to rekindle fond memories of college life, but also for our present students to seek inspiration from the remarkable achievements of their predecessors.  Hopefully TNUA will remain an important source of inspiration and aspiration for our students and alumni for many a year to come.

Participants of this Exhibition include a total of 89 artists who have previously studied in TNUA College of Fine Arts.