Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts

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Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
As Time Goes By
Liu Chen-Hsiang's observance of TUNA
2007-10-06 ~ 2007-10-28
When Things of the past precipitated a silent history,
Reading pictures seems to awaken reminiscences of scenes in days of yore.
As a recorder and witness of the TNUA's growth,
My encounter with the Dept. of  Dance betided in 1986
When I first began recording campus events
In and out of classrooms and performing venues.
Snapping the facial expressions of performers,
Capturing the emotional fluctuations of audiences,
Repeating the identical drills during rehearsals, and
Exhausting the original ideas of artists,
I observed actions on the performing stage and at the backstage
Through my own view frame.
The metamorphosis of the TNUA into a prestigious academy,
The turning of the seedling into lush foliage, and
The remoulding of the students into outstanding graduates
Are attestation to the permanence of change.
 Under a special, predestined circumstance
I was able to record the "vicissitudes" of the TNUA.
Like a boatman taking the traveler over the ferry,
I'm still rowing away and
The cause still seems faraway.
The seeds of art are still proliferating
In Kuandu.