Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts

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Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
FRACTAL - Huang, Lan-ya
2007-04-27 ~ 2007-05-27
Floating & Planting Project
This exhibition is an achievement of my Floating & Planting Environment Project which was started in 2004.
Relative to "Floating" means rootless and adventitious, "Planting" means firm and steady. “Planting” and “Floating” are two kinds of relation which exist both in physical and ethereal space, and they echo with the space where human beings live.  The actions that human take while they face nature, environment, and lives will affect all connections of the world.  All connections exist at the same time and space.
There are some major elements in my creation: 1. the use of the industrial material “hot melt glue”, 2. the shape of the pieces comes from fractal, the complex pattern that exist in nature, 3. by means of installation, I try to blend individual pieces with the environment so as to present the energy and dialogue between reality and non-reality.  Whether the pieces are installed indoors or outdoors, they would have some interactions with the surroundings, and create a contrastive harmonization.
The Floating & Planting Project will keep going on and on…at the places I will be…