Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts

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Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
A Solo Exhibition by Hou, I-Ting
2007-03-02 ~ 2007-04-08
In this series of work, the main concept is the relation between abstract images and actual substance. These images come from a fictitious world, and they then become animated and exist in modern people’s mind. It brings about a phenomenon that in Asia, some young people like to wear make up exaggeratedly, and dress up as their idols in caricature. They wish to transform a fictitious world into a real world, and establish their own stage. However, the appearance of a role is not so significant here; what I am trying to express in this work is fusion and intervention. In this world of globalization, it is a trend to have a whole new outward look. In other words, a new life could be brought up through a new outfit. One could have a totally new identification, which is irrelevant to knowledge, experience and age. What matters is the mixture of materials and fictitious. The prevalence of mass media and communication influences us a lot. That is to say, media creates new idols and spread these new images to people immediately. AN OBJECT MAY NOT BE A REAL ONE. From my point of view, only the mixed production could be regarded as a completion in this new age. Fictitiousness covers substance, and substance covers fictitiousness. This is a New HYBRID.