Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts

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Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
A Solo Exhibition by Chang Ling
2007-03-02 ~ 2007-04-08
Flesh, which is crimson and greasy, for me, is the byword of art neither material nor superficial desire. Burning variation by the sparkle of flesh and culture is one of my art forms. Desire and the infinity that has been swallowed become various speakers in this series. From the essence of human nature, I condense desire into the very beginning in social perspective connecting flesh, blood and nerve. The five themes inspired by flesh and blood are called “Streaky Pork” series. 
1st theme Flesh mountain and river
2nd theme Flesh flower and bird
3rd theme Flesh arm force
4th theme Flesh metropolis
5th theme Flesh religion
A war bares nothing but the darkest side of human beings. However, wars in “Flesh Weapon” don’t refer to isolated human nature, hatred and cruel strikes, but the sweet expression that surpasses all forms and structures with warm and passionate weapons.
Upon the stream of fluctuation, described territorial occupation seems to be expressed serenely and solemnly. I don’t judge but smile loudly at it.