Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts

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Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
A Solo Exhibition by Chen, Wen-Chi
2007-03-02 ~ 2007-04-08
This photographic project had already been planned for 7 years, and yet it was not carried out until 2005 when I got to know the four friends. The original idea of this plan was to observe and record the interpersonal perception under a voluntary situation that life was interfered with someone else.  In this project, the recorder lived with “the subject” and recorded the subject’s interpersonal relationship without any personal emotion.  It differs from the subjective cognition of documentary photography and reportage photography, but it is also asked the subject’s coordination.  The project has been carried on for one year, and the recorder also interfered within the subject’s private life.
Though the four subjects are women, each of them has some problems of gender identity and self-identification.  Whether they are sisters, or live at the same city, or remain alone, they all leave their parents and live in Taipei, the city never sleeps.  The daily life of the four girls is like a miniature of Taipei.
Although my works are plane images, they show us the subject’s love and life without disguise.  Viewers could penetrate the subject’s life through the images, and experience the illusion and real life experiences.  I tried to represent a miniature of modern women’s emotions and life, and provide a new photographic point of view.