Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts

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Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
The soft of mind
2007-06-08 ~ 2007-07-15


展期: 2007-06-08 ~ 2007-07-15
地點: 週二至週日 上午10:00-下午5:00



I used to combine “soft” material (e.g. fabric) with “hard” material (e.g. aluminum or iron) together to express different states of life such as “propagation”, “withering”, “coexistence”.  Then a new idea came to mind during the creation process.  I was thinking of using fabric in whatever way I could imagine so as to explore its limitations on artistic expression.

My quilt creation is very different from Japanese quilt artistry.  First of all, I did all the stitches by myself without following specific rules.  Sometimes I made partial stitching, or cut the fabric into shapes with scissors.  Sometimes I applied aluminum threads and tinsels to emphasize the interaction between “fabric” and “thread”.  Secondly, the fabric I used was not the expensive Japanese quilting fabric known as the “Japanese Ladies Golf”.  All my fabrics were tatters or old clothes of mine or my family.  What I want is not the kind of exquisite or luxurious quilt, but to create a meaningful and plain “fabric language” that is full of memories and true feelings.

It is clear that I’ve used the religious symbols of the “Buddha” and the “Cross” in my works.  As time goes by, religion becomes more and more important in my life.  When I was young, I paid much attention to material life and always “asked for” something. Later, when I did self-reflection, I asked myself, “Having ‘said’ so much, did I ‘do’ as much?  I was gradually awakened to the fact that “insistence” is not always right or good.  I got my inspiration of the Buddha symbol from a Buddha head sculpture that I had bought in Thailand. I like it very much even though it is a broken piece.  It is the representation of not only your forfeits and sufferings, but also the chance of your becoming a Buddha.  On the other hand, the Cross symbol in my works has a lot to do with my background experiences of studying for years in Catholic schools and reading the Bible every day.  Whenever I feel confused, I would create something in resemblance to the Cross and my heart would feel calm and peaceful.  I see religious similarities between the “Buddha image” and the “Cross”.  Putting them in my creations enables me to find my spiritual refuge and a channel for dialogue with God, and at the same time allows me to release my anxiety and soothe my aching heart.

There are some of my latest graphic works in this exhibition.  They were made at the time when I experienced changes in my physical space and psychological changes within me.

When I watched my works in silence, I realized that my endeavor to try “saying something” was not that important any more.  Though my works are imbued with my secret experiences and feelings, they all appeal to common values and empathy for life.