Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts

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Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
Not Good TANG Tang-Fa
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2007-04-20 ~ 2007-05-27


展期: 2007-04-20 ~ 2007-05-27
地點: 週二至週日 上午10:00-下午5:00


Works for this exhibition mainly represent my emotion and experience including pressure of my creation, family economic condition, and the cruel reality of the society in the past five years.

In recent years, the Taiwanese society is in an anarchic status. Politicians are engaged in personal interests. Their greediness is all too clear. People of power and influence abuse their relations and rights so that the public could not but strive to survive. They leave the filthy politics behind and turn to their own living and family to pursue simple happiness. Yet, three years ago, my ninety-year-old father had a stroke. Afterwards, both the patient and the family taking care of him suffered physically and mentally. I had been expecting living freely and happily even with grievance, helplessness, and pain in my mind until a mean neighbor moving downstairs two years ago. The motor next door worked whole day and caused unbearable noise. With several reports to the authority, this neighbor had never changed his behaviors. I could not be angrier.

In those days, I lived with resentment and helplessness so that I could not consider my artistic creation. That is really pathetic. The career is what I should throw myself into at my forty’s; yet I was stuck in these trivialities. Fortunately, an idea came into my mind. I started to transfer my unrestrained emotions to artistic creation. This transference effectively released my explosive emotions. My problems have not been completely solved yet today. I need to continue working hard to maintain a comfortable living condition for my family.