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Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
2012 Outstanding New Media Art Award
2012-03-02 ~ 2012-04-22
2012 New Media Art Merit Award
Prelude/ Jun-Jieh Wang (Head, Department of New Media Arts, Taipei National University of the Arts)

Comparing to the west, the development of New Media Arts in Taiwan started rather late. A systematical development started to blossom when the establishment of relative department in higher education organization. The Graduate Institute of Art and Technology (later changed to Department of New Media Arts in 2010) established in 2001 at Taipei National University of the Arts is among the most representational. Technology Art emphasized on the utilization and thinking of science. It then developed to a new artistic language that possesses digital contemporariness. The pursuing of artistic creative process and thinking hence become a fundamental essence of the realm of Technology Art.  It does not only pursue scientific form as its goal, but on the contrary, it sees scientific technology as an important force to achieve contemporariness, creating contemporary art and its development that possess high and deep thinking as well as culture influences, under the multi-facets cultural society. 

Since the 10 years establishment of Graduate Institute of Art and Technology in TNUA, it nurtures the most elite of new generation of new media artists. Through sound, video, interactive installation, cross-disciplinary performance and various forms of New Media Art, they open up new features for Taiwan contemporary art that is different from the past. New Media Art has become a distinguished school in contemporary art. Hence this motivated us to think about the relationship between New Media Art and contemporary society. It should not be only an art form that presents interesting forms of visual aesthetics, but more importantly, how to reflect its relationship with contemporary cultural society through its strong sensory intermedium. 

The ten years of fruitful results brought by Graduate Institute of Art and Technology, linked to the Department of New Media Arts that is more systematically and macroscopically designed. And the establishment of New Media Art Merit Award, is a new starting point to pursue outstanding performance under the Program for Promoting Teaching Excellence of Universities.  It signifies our future hope to New Media Arts in Taiwan, and let students setting up periodically surveyor’s pole in New Media Art, bridging up the learning process in university and professional art-making environment.