Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts

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Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
One Piece Room Drifting Towards An End-Tsong Pu Solo Exhibition
2012-05-04 ~ 2012-07-01
The Poetic Dialectics of Implicitness and Explicitness
Text by TAO Wen-Yueh
Tsong’s installation work, I Take One Only, he randomly prints geographic terms that relate to water (e.g. creek, river, lake, and ocean) onto spoons that are each suspended by a long, thin string.  The string is akin to a person’s blood vessels.  Even though they flow to different body parts, they carry blood that is all part of a single reservoir.  He uses the element of “water” to create his art, much like how ink painting is inextricably associated with water.  If one symbolically takes scoops of water from these rivers, lakes, and oceans, one will have water that comes from different sources.  Although each body of water is named differently, their basic elemental composition of water remain the same.
To Tsong, a sense of “presence” in process is vital.  The creative process of I Take One Only is similar to throwing out a fishing line.   Tens of thousands of thin lines are continuously thrown towards the sky, which all eventually fall from the void. This extends a continuous immersion into a poetic, imaginative realm, similar to Zhuang Tzu in his Knowledge Rambling in the North:  “The operations of Heaven and Earth proceed in the most admirable way, but they say nothing about them.” It is an artistic concept that cannot be described with words, only sensed.