Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts

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Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
Creators of Dialogue
2012-07-13 ~ 2012-09-16
Through the use of various art forms and communication methods as well as a different approach to the meaning of a dialogue, the exhibition, Creators of Dialogue, tries to foster awareness and compassion for the aforementioned issues.  This exhibition initiated by the school must address the following:  It must first develop a autologous experiment and present the diversity of new media art, which includes virtual, interactive, graphic, mechanical, image, audio, and animation works.  On the other hand, it must effectively consolidate these diverse capacities and construct a creative art institution that is both educational and practical in nature.  Furthermore, topics that relate closely to the new media art institution must be expressed through exhibitions and actions that precisely convey the ideas and outlook of artists, and that form a dialogue and shared sense of awareness with the audience.  It is my hope that this exhibition will shape the character that defines the development of new media art in Taiwan, so that the intertwining of education and creativity becomes more apparent.  This exhibition is based on three experiments with different underlying purposes: 1) to practice self-contextualization; 2) to achieve flexibility in curating though autologous experimentation; 3) to reflect on the future of new media art’s development in Taiwan and its future place in the international area through this diverse, yet tightly-knit exhibition.  Artists featured in this exhibition are Jun-Jieh Wang, Fujui Wang, Chun-Chi Lin, Goang-Ming Yuan, Shih-Wei Sun, Ya-Lun Tao, Der-Lor Way, and Jia-Ming Day (organized by character stroke count).
        Curator/  Huang, Chien-Hung