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Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
Transjourney – 2012 Future Media Festival
2012-01-01 ~ 2012-02-19
Transjourney – 2012 Future Media Festival
Exhibition Date: January 1 - February 19, 2012 
Exhibition Venue: Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
The first-ever Future Media Festival opening in 2012 is also the first major exhibition in Taiwan with a focus on new media, systematically presenting various new formats of creative work from recent years. It will be held in the Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, hosting nearly 50 pieces of digital artwork by some of the most renowned artists and research institutes. The stunning works aim to marry new artistic languages with technology in creating a dazzlingly imaginative new territory.
 The Festival invites many internationally important works, including video installations by Nam June Paik, the pioneer of video art, as well as a site-specific, audio-visual performance, ‘Train Fragments’, created by Canadian artist Herman Kolgen. Also throughout the Festival there will be unique opportunities to see selected animations from other parts of the world, or attend symposiums and lectures by international speakers. The Festival, entitled ‘Transjourney’, puts forward a new creative possibility in the globalized context, integrating art, performance, sound, video, gaming, lifestyle and technology, to illustrate the trajectory of future arts. It will be a sensual experience into both the imagined and real world, a ‘Transjourney’ into the future.
Art Director:Jun-jieh WANG
Participate Artists:
Herman Kolgen(Canada)+ Teacher and Student Percussion Group, TNUA, Mattia Casalegno & Enzo Varriale(Italy) , Nam June Paik(Korea / US) , Bill Viola(US), Nils Völker(Germany) , Zimoun(Switzerland) , Yung-ta CHANG, Chih-chieh HUANG, Shih-chieh HUANG, I-chen KUO, Akibo LEE, Pey-chwen LIN, Shih-chang LIN, Hua LIU, LuxuryLogico, Shuai-cheng PU, Storynest+ Hsin-chien HUANG, Wei-hao TSENG, Yu-chuan TSENG, Ultra Combos, Chun-kun WANG, Lien-cheng WANG, Chung-han YAO, Goang-ming YUAN, Digital Art Center Taipei, Yi-ping HUNG + ivLab. , Keh-nan LIAO, Pey-chwen LIN + Digital Art Lab., National Taiwan University of Arts, Music Technologies Lab., National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan, Center for Art and Technology, Taipei National University of the Arts
Supervisor: Ministry of Education, Program for Promoting Teaching Excellence of Universities
Organizer: Taipei National University of the Arts 
Executor: Center for Art and Technology at Taipei National University of the Arts、Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
Co-Organizer: Taipei Digital Art Center, Goethe-Institute Taipei, Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei, National Film Board of Canada
Special Events:
Future Media Symposium
■Date: 2012/01/01 13:00-16:30
■Venue: Taipei National University of the Arts International Conference Hall
International Guest Speech
Manu Park / Director of Nam June Paik Art Center, Korea
Taro Amano / Chief Curator of Yokohama Museum of Art, Japan
Taro Amano Center, Korea: Chief Curator of Yokohama Museum of Art, Japan. (1988-), curator of 2011 and 2007 Yokohama Triennale
Manu Park: Director of Nam June Paik Art Center (2011-), Art Director of 2006 Busan Biennale, Director of 2004 Gwangju Biennale
Topic 1: The History and Orientation of the Taiwan Digital Arts Development.
Host: Chien-hung HUANG
Participants: Pey-chwen LIN, Goang-ming YUAN, Yu-chuan TSENG, Shih-chieh HUANG, LuxuryLogico
Topic 2: The Practice and Future of Digital Media Arts.
Host: Chih-yung CHIU
Participants: Akibo LEE, Heng SUNG, Yi-ping HUNG, Wen-hao HUANG, Hua LIU
Opening Performance
■Date: 2012/01/01 (Sun.) 6:30pm
■Venue: Taipei National University of the ArtsFrontdoor Square of Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
Artist Herman Kolgen+Teacher-Student Percussion Group, TNUA
■Date: 2012/01/06-07 (Fri.、Sat.) 7:30 pm
■Venue: Dance Theater, TNUA
A Talk by Marc Bertrand, Producer, Animation and Youth Studio, National Film Board of Canada
■Topic: Animation and the Essence of Storytelling
■Date: 2012/02/04 (Sat.) 2:00 pm
■Venue: Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei

Animation allows its creators an enormous amount of control over the process of filmmaking; the independent animation filmmaker is in charge of every frame produced. He or she sets the pace of the film, decides what the characters will look like, choses the colours of the sets, imagines transitions between scenes and often reinvents an animation technique to create a unique world. Animators are gods - they create their own universes! But what about storytelling?
Marc Bertrand, a producer at the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) since 1998, will present clips of award-winning animated films to elucidate the secrets of storytelling in short animation. Time and again, film projects initiated by the NFB impressively reflect the country’s cultural diversity and produce stories that can only be told through animation. Find out why animation may just be the best storytelling medium of all!  
A work of art has to have cohesiveness and consistency; but not so much cohesiveness and consistency as to become boring and not so much non-cohesiveness as to fall apart. It has to be organically linked and yet it must have surprises in it that you don’t expect; but surprises that are relevant to the whole work.   - Norman McLaren