Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts

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Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
2012 Outstanding Art Prize of School of Fine Arts
2012-03-02 ~ 2012-04-29
Description of Exhibition :
Taipei National University of Arts’ Outstanding Art Prize aims to enhance the research and creative abilities of students by encouraging them to take part in an open, creative competition.  In accordance with the Ministry of Education’s Teaching Excellence Project, instructors and experts both affiliated and non-affiliated with the school have selected six winners after two rounds of review - Hua-Chen Huang, Shao-Hui Lo, Meng-Yu Wen, Chin-Pao Chen, Wang-Kang Lee, and Ting-Chou Chen.
The works of this year’s Outstanding Art Prize winners are completely different from those of previous years.  One can clearly witness the distinct and dynamic attitude of self-expression typical to this generation of artists.  Through the creation and presentation of artwork, this exhibition aims to become the benchmark for visual art creation throughout Taipei National University of the Arts.  The Outstanding Art Prize acts as a platform where new generations of artists can continue to exchange and interact, and thereby foster a vision and awareness for contemporary art amongst Taiwan’s art students.