Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts

  • 加入最愛
Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
Between Coarse and Fine Brushworks-Hsu Yu-Jen Solo Exhibition
2012-12-28 ~ 2013-02-24
 Artist statement


To me, the purpose for creating art does not lie in the practice of painting techniques. 

Art creation is a creative activity that reveals one’s “real self” by expressing “oneself” under the premise of freedom and liberation.  It is a process for constructing a structural state, or a spiritual journey of one’s inner energy. 

Creative symbols can extend inward or outward by will, while projecting the entirety of one’s inner force.  Adhering to an attitude of freedom and liberation, any object can become creative material.  The focus lies in whether a painting is intuitive - can ordinary objects inspire imagination?

During the creative process, one can only resort to free and unrestrained thoughts.  By speaking out freely and doing as they wish, they reveal their “true selves”.  Only when such conditions are fulfilled can “creative autonomy” and “individual style” become truly possible.

I am able to create art at anytime and anyplace with all types of media, form, and content.  Even so, some images still remain hidden within me.  They only reveal themselves naturally through creative activities that intertwine my consciousness and sub consciousness.


Facing a chaotic haze before dawn

Gazing inward at an illusive skylight

I grasp the essence of myself as art draws me closer to my spiritual core.


-          Hsu Yu-Jen


During the exhibition, Southern Traveler, Wu Chi-Tao stated that: “The imagination behind Hsu Yu-Jen’s works can be said to be a kind of architectural state or spiritual journey.   They convey endless life energy.  The symbols and forms within the works can expand inward or outward at the will of the artist.  Each brushstroke resides within its own vector of space.  Hsu’s cityscape reveals a spiritual realm amidst the ruins of culture.  The flowers and grass within his works reside within a realm that cannot be violated and act as manifestations of the artist’s spiritual landscape for a geometric life: a projection of an inner force and the presentation of its power.”