Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts

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Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
Retrospect.Nature—Solo exhibition of LO Li-feng
2012-12-28 ~ 2013-02-24
 Like a seed that wanders in search of a true anchor;

seeks the feeling of being at home.

Like a seed that finds its way back to mother earth.


LO Li-feng’s journey in ceramics began with a simple desire to find suitable containers for floral arrangements. She was immediately captivated by the unassuming nature of the clay, and her fascination with it swelled day by day. “I am drawn by the use of clay,” she recollected, “the most humble substance on earth and material source from nature. The nature of both materials has an effect on me when I do research on art and create artworks. These simple materials, when endowed with colours, speak the language of nature.”


Her artworks are greatly influenced by Dale Chihuly, an American glass sculptor. The idea behind her artworks comes from an attempt at an objectification of the flimsiness of glass as well as the lightness of a feather with ceramics. By experimenting with this art material, she hopes to make a breakthrough so as to further her adventures in the infinite world of art.    


LO sojourned abroad for many years. She returned to Taiwan and settled down in a quiet coastal valley in Taitung after she obtained a doctorate from Art & Design Faculty, Monash University in 2009. With the childhood memories of the country life, she lives a creative life at the pace of nature, recording the vicissitudes of the seasons.


LO will present her recent ceramic works in this exhibition. The artworks to be exhibited include three art installations, five sets of sculpture and an outdoor art installation. Moulding natural materials with intellectual sentiments, LO plays the tunes of the seasons with her artworks, inviting the viewers to dance in a ceramic world that is at one with nature.