Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts

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Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
The Nameless Men-- Solo Exhibition of Hsu Che-Yu
2012-12-28 ~ 2013-02-24
 I use the title of one of my solo exhibition in 2011 “The Nameless Men” and add a line-through it, soThe Nameless Men” becomes the title of this exhibition. The meaning of “the nameless men” are the roles in my art; they are substitutes, neutral and non-personalities, always playing the roles of crime suspect and victim. My past works were always in accordance with news issues, and I used two of my friends’ figures to re-perform the news stories. However, in this exhibition, I plan to use “their reality” to be my new work objects. It is maybe a confession or rebellion from my past art, but is the proclamation through the way of “double-negation”. For me, it contains a double meaning: before I consumed their images to show mass media spectacle, but this time in the plan I will try to compensate for them. With the other contrary meaning, this time I also consume them in their real meaning. It’s the reality, and it is also in vain.