Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts

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Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts
The Standing Art: International Sculpture Exhibition
2012-09-21 ~ 2013-07-31
To celebrate TNUA’s (Taipei National University of the Arts) 30th anniversary this year, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts will host
 a special exhibition, The Standing Art: International Sculpture Exhibition, which invites world-renowned sculptors to display classical works of sculpture across the school’s Egret Grassland area. Overlooking the Kuandu Plain, the vast TNUA campus consists of wide expanses of natural greenery and trees. It is from this natural scenery that an atmosphere conducive to academic and cultural pursuits is fostered. In particular, the Egret Grassland stands as an excellent natural museum of art. With blue skies and white clouds overlooking a grassy field, the Egret Grassland brings out the form, material, and spatial aesthetics of displayed sculpture works. In addition to providing teachers and students with a field for observation and study, it also provides local community members with a wonderful environment for leisure and art. During the holidays, entire families can frequently be seen roaming the campus and enjoying works of art they come across.